Love & Light Candle - Wood Fire Scent

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Karen Berg, along with her husband Rav Berg, co-founded The Kabbalah Centre as we know it today. Together, they made the wisdom of Kabbalah accessible to all those who have a desire to learn. Karen often shared that even from a young age, her spiritual strength came not from books or even people but from nature. Therefore, even as Karen continued her spiritual growth and development, her favorite places were almost always in nature. In visiting the spiritual sites in Morocco, Israel, and all over the world, it was amongst the trees in the forests that Karen felt most connected to the Light of the Creator.

This candle, which carries the scent of burning wood, connects us to not only Karen’s spiritual strength but to the Light inherent in all of nature. This can awaken a sense of peace, knowledge, and understanding. As you burn this candle, ask for your soul to receive its messages, which are so often sent to us through nature.

May the Light, teachings, and soul of Karen assist all of us in our spiritual journey and elevation.