Spiritual Cleansing Kit

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72 Names of God (Hardcover) + 2 White Sage 4"

72 Names of God = Php 1,045 

The only tool for quick-fix of spiritual relief, The 72 Names are not names in the ordinary sense; they are a source of energy that tap into the infinite current that flows through the world. This exquisitely designed book provides in-depth explanations of each Name. By applying these tools for spiritual well-being, we can diffuse negative energy and stress, dispel anger, dump depression, create self esteem, cultivate the power of prosperity, and become fearless. Using this technology that is encoded in the Bible, anyone can begin to transform their life.

White Sage = Php 299 each

White sage has the power to enhance the mind and transport us to higher spiritual realms. The very smell of it brings with it the peace of nature, invoking calmness and relieving tension. 

מ.ו.ם (One of the 72 Names of God) Has the power to cleanse your body and your environment. Used in combination with sage, this potent duo absorbs negativity and enhances the flow of life. It will drive away any negative forces and tensions that can give rise to misfortune.