Sacred Zohar (Aramaic, Hardcover)

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The Zohar (Aramaic for “splendor”) is the authoritative text of ancient Kabbalah and the most powerful of all kabbalistic spiritual tools. Its teachings transcend religion, race, and politics.  The Light that radiates from this book ignites the consciousness of peace, protection, security, and boundless blessings. 

For the first time ever, here is the complete text of the Zohar in a single volume, in its original, ancient language of Aramaic. Just having the Zohar in your possession brings amazing power into your life that manifests in three essential ways: protection, connection, and transformation. Scanning its letters opens an unlimited channel to the Light.

By reading passages in the Zohar (even if we don’t understand them) or by scanning the letters or meditating on them, we awaken spiritual forces of Light that can combat negativity.