Life Rules- Paperback

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The potent social, emotional, and material pressures of the teenage years make for a uniquely pivotal and stressful time. For young people negotiating this challenging part of life, The Power of Kabbalah for Teens offers a practical method for finding inner strength and sense of self through the wisdom of the Kabbalah, a Jewish mystical Scripture. Renowned Kabbalist Yehuda Berg guides readers through 13 steps that help teens to establish firm control of their own decisions and locate a path to the lasting happiness they seek. Each step is carefully explained with real-world examples, and every chapter closes with a detailed exercise encouraging the reader to apply the steps to their lives. A special section discusses issues related to alcohol, sex, abuse, eating disorders, education, family ties, dating, depression, rebellion, and friendship. The useful guide also features an introduction by Ashton Kutcher.