Consciousness & Certainty Candle - Fig Scent

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In the city of Safed, at the highest elevation point in all Israel and the Galilee, at the foot of a mountain stands a fig tree. This tree, strong and powerful, stands next to the grave of the Ari, nearby the tomb of Rav Pinchas ben Yair, and close to the resting place of our beloved Rev Berg.

One of the Rav’s most treasured site to visit and connect, this location is a portal to the celestial realm of the Creator, allowing the souls of the righteous to elevate, as well as descend when they come to this world to assist us. The sweet scent of the fig, which bears the scent of the energy inherent in this majestic location.

As you burn this candle, you can meditate to receive the Rav’s energy and ask for spiritual guidance and assistance for yourself and your loved ones. May the Light, teachings, and soul of Rav Berg assist all of us in a deepening of our connection to certainty and consciousness.