Path to the Light Vol. 8

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The Book of Bamidbar is the fourth book of the Five Books of Moses. Volume 8 of Path to the Light includes Rav Berg’s commentary on the portions of: Bamidbar, Naso, Beha’alotcha, Shlach Lecha, and Korach. These portions are not the intrigues of a nation, but instead describe the energetic machinations of the physical world: how, where, and when to capture energy; how to navigate and transform darkness into Light; how to protect ourselves from danger as well as know where it lurks; and ultimately how to garner the force to win the ultimate war against our own limitations and self-destructive temptations. Rav Berg tells us again and again that the Bible is not a history book nor is it an allegory of our lives; the Torah is an arsenal of spiritual tools: specific letters and sequences that provide us with the spiritual energy to fortify and strengthen our spiritual work in this dimension of life. This understanding and wisdom about the metaphysical nature of the universe was once only known by a few kabbalist throughout history. Now, because of the efforts and teachings of Rav Berg—as he removes the covering that kept the Bible and its tools concealed for centuries—each and every person can fulfill their destiny and achieve a life of happiness and mastery over the physical terrain.